Mon 23.4.


Tue 24.4.


Wed 25.4.


Thu 26.4. Fri 27.4.
9:00 9.30 Greetings from our head master Jussi Sutinen at the school canteen

8.45 Meeting at school.

9-10 Kontula primary school: observing a class in preparing immigrants for basic education.

10.15 -11.00

Finnish as a Second Language (room 310 Laitaneva)


Tour around the school with Kristiina


lunch: 11-11.30

Finnish 7B (room 314 Pietikäinen)


lunch: 11-11.30

Discussion with a special needs teacher

Vilma K.


lunch: 11-11.30

Maths 9C (room 213 Kirm)






Maths (room 303 Koskimäki)


lunch: 12.00-12.30

Pupil guidance 8C – special project

(room: 201 Grönroos)

Discussion with the school social worker Juha Niemelä Social studies 9E (room 204 Tähjä)


Presentation on the Finnish educational system (room 304 Rahikka)


lunch: 12-12.30



English 8D

(room 317 Lamppula)

Finnish 7C (room 205 Pärnanen)


English 9EF (room 317 Lamppula)

Maths 9AB

(part-time special needs education group)


(room 103 Nyman)

Health education for Finnish as a second language learners 7A (room 105 Laitaneva)
evening program Dinner together with Finnish teachers. Meeting at 6pm at the hotel free evening free evening free evening Drinks together with the Finnish teachers?